Hey everyone! It has been ages since I’ve used this blog due to complications with the log in information and trying to get everything settled. I used my other blog for a while, but now it’s time to return to this one and get my entries featured on my own website.

The theme of this blog post is goals. I will be referring to this post often in the future as I work closer to achieving these goals. Let’s break it down.

Writing Goals:

I’m happy to say that a lot of these goals have been completed. However, there are a TON more that I still need to work towards. I self-published my first book(shown above – top photo) A Soldier’s Crest back in 2015. Since then a lot has changed. I was picked up by the publishing company, The Polyethnic, at the beginning of this year and released my first traditionally published book just a few weeks ago. That book acts as a prequel to my first book and is called A Soldier’s Crest: The Dragon Knight Chronicles(shown above – bottom photo).

I’m extremely proud of both accomplishments and happy to say the first book is being re-released later this year in November! The prequel is designed to introduce people to the universe of my books and set the tone to build hype for the re-release. I’ve also completed another manuscript for another side project based in the ASC universe, that I am just waiting for my publisher to give me the okay before I submit it. This story will tell the origins of a very popular character from the first book, Mira Stormwillow. I’m really happy with how that story came out and I’m hoping to share it with everyone either later this year or early next year depending on publishing schedules.

So if you followed my other blog, you know I’m working on something called the “10 in 10 Campaign” which is essentially trying to complete 10 books in 10 years. I’m currently 30 years old and that would put me with 11 main story books(I’m not including the side story stuff like the prequel, so it could potentially be more than 10 in 10 years!) by the time I am 40. So far, everything is set in place to make this a reality. I’m still putting some guidelines on this process to ensure that I am comfortable with releasing these books and that I feel they are at the quality that I feel is the highest before releasing them to the public. Another words: I won’t release a bunch of trash in order to achieve my 10 in 10 goal.

That being said I am 170 pages into Book 2 as of this post and I intend to have it completed, my own personal edits included, before the first book gets re-released. This blog will touch on my writing goals and progress a lot, so I’ll leave it at that. There is so much more to talk about, but I will post more about it in the coming days.

Social Media / Youtube / Twitch Goals:

As an author trying to make it, as it is with any creator or artist, Social Media has become a huge part of advertising. I’m on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook of course, with my own Author Youtube page. While posting to the first three is easy and something you can do often with no problems – I’m trying to get the youtube page going. I haven’t been consistent with videos and updates, but one of my goals is to change that. A big part of it is to release a lot more “Shorter Short Stories” – which are mini(5 or 6 paragraphs) stories narrated by myself or my friends/peers. I’ve only released one and although it didn’t get as many views as I would’ve liked, I got a lot of positive feedback. If you want to help me feel better about the views, you can check it out here: Prelude to Ruria

I’m also trying to get more involved on Twitch. I’m a big gamer, so I’ll be livestreaming a lot of games with a set schedule starting soon. I’d also love to revisit another idea I had and occasionally do a livestream of my writing process as I work on whatever project I’m on at the time. I’m still working out the kinks, but I think this would be a really cool way to keep fans and friends updated on my progress.

Gaming Goals:

Well, I just mentioned I’m a big gamer so I figured I’d include some gaming goals here as well. I know this sounds kinda silly and this list will seem way longer than it should for a 30 year old person to be posting about, but I hope a lot of people who view this blog are also into gaming. I’d love to share a lot of my videos, goals, accomplishments and experiences on here as well. I have a separate Youtube channel for gaming(ASC Gaming) that I also plan to post more on. A recent video with some tips on a shortcut in the FFXIV expansion has reached almost 1900 views on there and I’d like to replicate that more in the future if I can!

Here’s the breakdown of my current gaming goals:

Path of Exile – some friends just got back into the game. I’ve never played it, but I loved Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, as well as the 2 Torchlight games so I’m sure I’ll be hooked on this one as well. The goal here is basically to catch up to my friends, who are much higher level than me as of this post.

Heroes of the Storm – I play Heroes on and off, but one consistency for me is that I love to collect things for the character Li-Ming. Playing with some friends last night, I realized that Li-Ming has a new Legendary Skin that’s 2400 shards. Without spending any money, I’m going to try to unlock at least one color of that skin to add to my collection. I’m currently at 840 shards.

Overwatch – When Overwatch first came out, I played it a bunch and got really into it. In a similar fashion to Li-Ming above, Widowmaker is my character of choice to try and unlock everything. There is a new summer event going on and I’d like to unlock at least the Widowmaker skin from that set, so I guess I need to return to the game!

FFXIV – The Moonfire Faire event update was Tuesday. I’m planning to do that, which shouldn’t take long. For more long-term goals, I plan on finishing Black Mage to 70 just to have other options besides Samurai. I’ve recently lost interest in XIV, so I haven’t been playing it as much so this goal may take the longest.

Fortnite – Mini-goal here, but I’ve been playing a lot of Fortnite since it hit Early Access and my current goal on that game is to get my Legendary Hero(Ninja) to Rank 3. I just unlocked the node, but I need to farm up some more hero EXP before I can rank her up.


That’s pretty much it for this entry. Not all of my posts will be this ridiculously long, but I wanted to set the tone for my return to blogging. I hope you enjoyed it if you got this far and I hope you stick around for more posts. I’ll be updating on these goals over the next few weeks to see how much progress I’ve made. Until next time~


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