Excerpt from Chapter 14

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 14:

Rain pounded heavily on the deck of the Lone Lion. Mira Stormwillow and her
crew were hard at work trying to stabilize the ship. Vallick did his part to help
as well, until the captain approached him. She leaned over and whispered something
in his ear before they submerged into the cabin area. Vallick followed her through the
darkness into her small cabin.

“Before your deparrture, Vallick Halstarrr, there is one last thing that I must show
ye.” She walked to the back of her quarters and lit a candle on the wall. “Turrrn
around.” Vallick obeyed and behind him he heard numerous noises and Mira scuffling
about. Once the noises had stopped, she gave Vallick permission to turn around.
When he did, he saw a large opening in the wall of her cabin leading into another dark

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