Excerpt from Chapter 13

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 13:

Acrackle of thunder raged across the midnight sky, which was filled with a blue
hint amidst the darkness. The rain came cascading down the rusty white lighthouse
that seemed to stretch on forever into the night sky. It was hard to tell just how
far up it reached from the bottom where Marcus, Sellus, and Dessa stood. They stared
up, pulling back the hoods covering their faces to stare in awe. As the storm raged on,
Marcus began looking for an entrance. It would appear the sorcerer that they had been
hired to slay had changed the structure of the outside of the lighthouse. Where the
door should have been was a large fence covered in some form of lightning magic that
mimicked the sounds of the thunder. The sparks flew off the metal and danced in the
air before the three mercenaries.

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