Excerpt from Chapter 11

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 11:

The dark necromancer of the Bawal Empire, a mage simply known as Shadow,
walked down the long corridors of the Corpus Castle. His long black cloak
covered his entire body and was very plain and old-looking. The cloak’s hood covered
most of the top of his head, and what little of his eyes you could see were covered in
black makeup. The marble that decorated the walls was all black, and this particular
castle was the coldest in all the realm. Despite the constant deterioration of the atmosphere and the ozone layer, causing the planet as a whole to be warm, the Corpus Castle remained cold on the inside. Only the Azuldra Army territories were the second
coolest weather wise due to being surrounded by water.

Shadow made his way through the castle, being greeted by the occasional passerby
and paying them no mind. In his hand he held documents meant for the king. He
approached the two tall, dark, steel doors that were the entrance to the king’s chambers.
He opened the door, preparing himself to explain his discoveries to the king, but
what he found inside the chambers he did not expect. King Rebel lay on the floor,
blood surrounding his corpse, drenching the cold steel floor below him. Shadow did
not flinch; he was not afraid and he was not even shocked. He stood there emotionless
and began to turn to get help but thought twice. The blood of a king would make a great
ingredient in my necromancy
, his sick, twisted mind conjured up. He pulled a vial from
his cloak and set the papers down on a nearby chair before scooping up some of the
blood. Only once he was done did he go to find help.

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