The World of Khroma

The Last Continent: Khroma

Today I’d like to talk about the setting of my book. For those who have yet to read it, or even briefly skim the prologue – I tried to make the setting of my book different and unique. Yes, the events of the book do take place on Earth. This Earth is the same Earth we’re living on right now but this is far off into the future. The world itself has been plunged into chaos and the world is at war. This ultimately leads to the destruction of our planet and in it’s rebirth – we are introduced to the last continent: Khroma.

“So the world ends in fire after all…” – Fredrick Marshe, 53rd and final President of the United States of America.

Khroma is basically every fantasy fan’s dream world. It features elves, demons, dragons, angels and even cat-girls. It has a little something for everyone. The key here is that it stems from what our world used to be and reverts back into medieval times. To me, this makes the story a lot more interesting because it’s not a completely different world. It’s an extension of our own world. When the world is in shambles and the angels come down from Heaven to piece it back together, they assign a young woman by the name of Simone Fair to help repopulate the world. She is granted immortality and is forced to give birth every year to a child of a different genetic code. This helps build the foundation of the new world in which Kings and Queens rise to power and young warriors, like the main protagonist Vallick Halstar, are forced to find their place. But things aren’t all fun and exciting on Khroma, it’s actually the opposite.

“The mother of Earth? There’s nothing left but despair and misery. Why would anyone want to be the mother of this?”  -Simone Fair

A fierce race known as the Dragonkin has risen to power in the east side of the continent and a group of warriors known as the Dragon Knights of Bawal are given the task with ending this bestial tyranny. It is in this conflict that the story of A Soldier’s Crest begins and the main characters are set forth on an arduous journey. Khroma, the future of our planet, is where these legendary battles will take place. The future of A Soldier’s Crest is bright and the series is just beginning. More stories are on the way. I will also be doing more posts like this one to explain settings, races, characters and whatever else I feel like talking about in regards to book 1 and future books. Look forward to it!

Excerpt from Chapter 14

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 14:

Rain pounded heavily on the deck of the Lone Lion. Mira Stormwillow and her
crew were hard at work trying to stabilize the ship. Vallick did his part to help
as well, until the captain approached him. She leaned over and whispered something
in his ear before they submerged into the cabin area. Vallick followed her through the
darkness into her small cabin.

“Before your deparrture, Vallick Halstarrr, there is one last thing that I must show
ye.” She walked to the back of her quarters and lit a candle on the wall. “Turrrn
around.” Vallick obeyed and behind him he heard numerous noises and Mira scuffling
about. Once the noises had stopped, she gave Vallick permission to turn around.
When he did, he saw a large opening in the wall of her cabin leading into another dark

Excerpt from Chapter 13

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 13:

Acrackle of thunder raged across the midnight sky, which was filled with a blue
hint amidst the darkness. The rain came cascading down the rusty white lighthouse
that seemed to stretch on forever into the night sky. It was hard to tell just how
far up it reached from the bottom where Marcus, Sellus, and Dessa stood. They stared
up, pulling back the hoods covering their faces to stare in awe. As the storm raged on,
Marcus began looking for an entrance. It would appear the sorcerer that they had been
hired to slay had changed the structure of the outside of the lighthouse. Where the
door should have been was a large fence covered in some form of lightning magic that
mimicked the sounds of the thunder. The sparks flew off the metal and danced in the
air before the three mercenaries.

Excerpt from Chapter 12

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 12:

Mira Stormwillow walked the deck of the Lone Lion, making sure that everything
was running smoothly. The night before they were hit with a brief
rainstorm that caused them some trouble when sailing from Turnca Island. She
stopped for a moment to scold Yowie on how he was handling a sail and told Widrick
to check the rowboats, as they may be needed to reach their next destination. Zerkia
Ra was steering the ship and Mira tipped her hat to her as she made her way down the
stairs to the inside of the ship. When she reached the bottom, she saw Paullah Kall
emptying the ship of some water that got into the cabin area.

“Did ya tell Vallick to meet me in my cabin?”

Excerpt from Chapter 11

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 11:

The dark necromancer of the Bawal Empire, a mage simply known as Shadow,
walked down the long corridors of the Corpus Castle. His long black cloak
covered his entire body and was very plain and old-looking. The cloak’s hood covered
most of the top of his head, and what little of his eyes you could see were covered in
black makeup. The marble that decorated the walls was all black, and this particular
castle was the coldest in all the realm. Despite the constant deterioration of the atmosphere and the ozone layer, causing the planet as a whole to be warm, the Corpus Castle remained cold on the inside. Only the Azuldra Army territories were the second
coolest weather wise due to being surrounded by water.

Shadow made his way through the castle, being greeted by the occasional passerby
and paying them no mind. In his hand he held documents meant for the king. He
approached the two tall, dark, steel doors that were the entrance to the king’s chambers.
He opened the door, preparing himself to explain his discoveries to the king, but
what he found inside the chambers he did not expect. King Rebel lay on the floor,
blood surrounding his corpse, drenching the cold steel floor below him. Shadow did
not flinch; he was not afraid and he was not even shocked. He stood there emotionless
and began to turn to get help but thought twice. The blood of a king would make a great
ingredient in my necromancy
, his sick, twisted mind conjured up. He pulled a vial from
his cloak and set the papers down on a nearby chair before scooping up some of the
blood. Only once he was done did he go to find help.

Excerpt from Chapter 10

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 10:

There was a small forest between Oakrich and the Davish Checkpoint, home of
many wild animals and a tiny piece of scenery when making the trip between
the two locations. Dessa stood with a bow in hand, arrow cocked and ready for the
boar that stood just a few feet from her. She was squatted down, moving cautiously not
to startle the beast. On her back was her bo-staff, her signature weapon. The staff was
dragging in the dirt from her squatting position, but it was not making noise. She
stood, defiantly, the boar not paying her any mind. She let loose an arrow and it missed
the boar completely, hitting the dirt behind it. The boar got frightened and tried to
make its escape.

Dessa followed it fast, this time her bo-staff drawn. If I’m going to kill anything, it
will have to be with this.

Excerpt from Chapter 9

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 9:

Vallick reached the outskirts of a very large jungle on the tropical Turnca Island.
Behind him, in the distance, was the Lone Lion, Mira Stormwillow’s ship. The
catlike female stood to his right, hands on her hips, squinting, as if it would help her
look through to the other side of the jungle. Sweat brewing on her brow. Vallick was
also hot, though this heat was nothing compared to the Dragon Faux when he was
wearing all of his armor. For now his hair was wet, as Mira had insisted he dip his head
into the water before they journeyed onto the island. His black spiky hair was more of
a mess than anything, and he had fully ripped off the sleeves of his torn leather jerkin
that the Dragonkin made for him. The sleeves were already ruined from Mira’s crew
pulling on him.

Excerpt from Chapter 8

A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph A. Angotti

Excerpt from Chapter 8:

Targen Renke walked slowly through the now desolate Dragon Faux while the
crimson red rock that made up the landscape was still scorching beneath his
feet. He dressed in his armor, minus the helmet, and finally shaved his beard down to
a goatee that only covered his chin to his lower lip. His dark brown hair was short and
messy as if he had just been woken up recently, and on his face was a scowl that would
accompany a sudden waking.

He passed through the area where the ten Dragon Knights stood before the
entirety of the Dragonkin Army. Traveled across the land where they first passed by
Brakus Thunderbone and his horde of melee Dragonkin warriors, where they left
Wyglaf and Dawn to do battle against the beast. He walked over red rock covered in
shards of wood from the arrows of Hora Wyverntear and stepped on dried blood that
had boiled in the spot where Gerard took an arrow in the back while trying to save
Faris. Eventually he reached the area where it felt that he would make his final stand
for the sake of the Dragon Knights as he did battle with Bane Warclaw, the largest of
the Dragonkin, alongside his partner, Merrill Stark.