A Soldier's Crest

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ISBN: 9781457536557
340 pages

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In the year 2256, geothermal and nuclear warfare have plunged Earth into a post-apocalyptic regression to a mythical medieval age. On the land newly dubbed as Khroma, swords, demons, and magic are commonplace once more, taking the place of long-forgotten technology. New creatures and abilities caused by the fallout usher in chaos and threaten the delicate existence of humanity.


About Joseph A. Angotti

Joseph Angotti is the mastermind behind the dark world of Khroma and the ever-expanding universe of A Soldier’s Crest. An avid fan of high fantasy, anime, and video games, he has unified his inspirations from each to bring to life his vision of an epic fantasy.



His term had only just begun when the war started.

Fredrick Marshe, the fifty-third president of the United States of America, had been elected because of his twenty-nine years of experience in diplomatic relations. His sole purpose was to prevent a world war following the attacks of an army of demons sealed within the moon’s core. Now, he was only two years into his term and for the past few months there were talks on whether citizens should be evacuated onto other planetary colonies or if they should remain on Earth and stay inside nuclear missile shelters.


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